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Sarah Nagle builds durational performance installations with a focus on dismantling systemic categorizations of female identifying bodies. Her writing on gender and dance has been published by Dance Magazine Online and Cultured Magazine, and her work has been shown at Open Source Gallery, the Martha Graham School, 4 Times Square, Baruch Center for the Performing Arts, Brooklyn Army Terminal, and the Landmark Loew’s Theatre.

Nagle studied ballet under Deborah Boughton at the Center for Ballet in Syracuse, NY. She received Honors in Dance Composition from Goucher College and continued to train as a scholarship student with Jennifer Muller/The Works. She has worked for Salvatore LaRussa Dancer Theatre, Mario Bermudez-Gil (of Batsheva), and Jessica Taylor/DAMAGEDANCE.    

In 2016, through the Creators in Residence program at EARTHDANCE and in collaboration with STREB dancer, Justin Ross, Nagle launched Chair|Bell|Tape to capture Sociological Stockholm Syndrome in white women. In 2018, with support from Chashama, Nagle initiated You Can See Her Pussy (but she can’t see you) to expose socialized constructs that leave womb-carrying bodies vulnerable to attack, and it was featured by RAW POP UP during Art Basel Miami 2018. Most recently, with more support from Chashama, Nagle has created “He’s Not Touching Her” to showcase the insidious relationship between gender oppression and consumerism in a storefront on West 37th Street in Manhattan.