Chair|Bell|Tape A Durational Performance Installation 2 Dancers

Designed to capture the internalized constructs and societal impact of sociological Stockholm Syndrome in women.

A performance that is never repeated: each performance stands as a continuation of the previous performance as well as an isolated work. A collaboration with Justin Ross (of STREB Extreme Action). Developed in part through Creators in Residence at EARTHDANCE in Plainfield, MA.

Shown through the Creators Collective as part of the curated event “Wander” at Open Source Gallery in Brooklyn, NY; “All Over Westbeth” at WESTFEST in New York, NY; IDACO (Italian Dance Connection in collaboration with the Italian Culture Institution) at the Baruch Center for Performing Arts in New York, NY; Chashama “Art is Everywhere” 2017 Spring Gala in Times Square, NY; Landmark Loew's Theatre in Jersey City through Your Move. 

Film by Rebecca Hadley; Performers: Sarah Nagle, Justin Ross, Adrielle Munger

Video by Rafael Cruz; Performed by Sarah Nagle & Justin Ross